We, the Pigeons of Singapore, pledge to be fully-fledged, unabashed citizens of this country. We are rightful occupants of all spaces under the sun, and there is no corner of this land that any pitiful human can crawl into to avoid us or seek refuge. We move in masses–a marvellous and colourful flurry of vibrant feathers–and by the hundreds, we gradually flock to, and overtake the very spaces people seek to exclude us from. Before their kind constructed obscenely tall towers of concrete, brick and ivory, the skies were vast and clear, and the pigeons were able to take flight without obstruction. It was their poor temperament and envy of our wings that drove humankind to build their own access to the skies, so they could lift their heavy, wingless bodies off the earth. Now, when they trespass into our spaces and position themselves eye-to-eye with us, they become angry with our natural presence. Instead of harbouring hearts of patience and understanding, humans became enraged and sought to drive us away from our homes. Goaded by rage, they placed sheets of metal spears, cast nets, and hung reflective glasses to frighten us away. But these humans, full of ignorance and foolishness, ultimately fail in their aggression. The steadfast pigeons continue to persist and remain, reclaiming the skies.